Scoriochre Gunja.

Född: 14/4- 2017
Import från Australien 18/8-2017
Far: Scoriochre Bruiser Mor: Scoriochre Miley

Pappa Bruiser

3 kommentarer:

  1. Hello! Lovely to see your blog and posts of your dogs and farm. I have a litter mate to your Scoriochre girls so it is great to see them. My dog Rafa has grown into a big tall strong boy, looks like his sisters are similar!
    Best regards,

    1. Hi Michelle . So sorry for not answering you!! Did not see this messege until now... Please tell me about Rafa! I have just visited a syster to Nyingan and Gund Gunja outside Perth. If your on fb you can send me a friendrequest you will see photos from her and ours. Where are you living ?

  2. Hello Sabine, I have sent you fb request and like you mitchens page. I live outside of Melbourne, Victoria. I have a couple of photos of Rafa up, he is full of character and works calmly off his stock , good in yards and starting to build that up now. Great stamina, big muscular dog.


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