lördag 21 september 2013

Några fler foton, SOME MORE FOTOS!

Home after 10 days of work in the Norwegian mountains. Leo, Aliz and Felina did a great job.
It is very exiting. Every day is different.
Some sheep are very afraid and some dont, they just dont want to accept to go where we want to. But home they shall.
In that area where we were working the wolverine is killing lambs so they have to come home.
All work with the dog is from behind the sheep. We put our dogs in the position so the sheep walk infront of us in the right direction. The sheep dont want to come close to people.
Rondane Nationalpark

"Min" fina ponny! "MY"FINE LITTLE PONNY

Några får där framme, SOME SHEEP THERE!
In the beginning we have to be far behind.

After walking behind for a couple of km they calm down and we can come closer.
Snö på fjälltopparna !
Här kommer Hege med sin fina BC Emma och några får, Kjetil står därnere med några mer. !

Kjetil med en tacka med lamm som Arthur fixade in i fållan.
Kjetil med Arthur igen.

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